American Journal of Nanosciences

Volume 8, Issue 1, March 2022

  • In-vitro Evaluation of Anti-oxidant and Anti-inflammatory Potential of Bio-synthesized Silver Nanoparticles from Endemic Medicinal Plant Species Terminalia pallida

    P. Rama Mohan, N. Savithramma

    Issue: Volume 8, Issue 1, March 2022
    Pages: 1-7
    Received: Dec. 17, 2021
    Accepted: Feb. 08, 2022
    Published: Apr. 09, 2022
    Abstract: Background: The Seshachalam hill ranges of Eastern Ghats are known for their endemic flora. There were seven endemic species situated here in which present plant species Terminalia pallida (T. pallida) is one, this Endemic semi-tree species has a great medicinal value; at the same time, due to the presence of different types of secondary metabolite... Show More
  • Many-Body Interactions on Phonon Properties of Stanene

    Kamlesh Kumar, Mohammad Imran Aziz

    Issue: Volume 8, Issue 1, March 2022
    Pages: 8-12
    Received: Apr. 20, 2022
    Accepted: May 05, 2022
    Published: May 12, 2022
    Abstract: Novel properties are observed to arise at 2d level, which is typically absent in their bulk counterparts. Graphene, the most widely studied 2D material. Recently, the other 2D group-IV materials, silicene, germanene and stanene, have been realized by epitaxial growth on substrates and attracted tremendous interest due to their extraordinary propert... Show More